FabOS is the IT backbone for the versatile automation of the factory of the future and the foundation of an ecosystem for data-driven services and AI applications.
German companies can benefit from their deep domain knowledge and experience of industrial products, complex and high-quality manufacturing processes, and versatile and highly networked production systems (Internet of Things, Industry 4.0).
This strong industrial competence is essential to develop AI solutions for industrial applications and to drive AI technology beyond the state of the art.



FabOS is an enabler for AI applications and provides support for:

  • Ensuring continuous availability of data through improved networking of production machines and IoT platforms
  • Structuring of data, which facilitates time-consuming data pre-processing
  • Integration and provision of powerful computing resources such as GPU clusters and thus the capability of state-of-the-art AI methods such as Deep Learning
  • Relief of specialist personnel (e.g. Data Scientist) and domain experts in the implementation of AI projects through the integration of tools and services
  • Simplification of deployment and maintenance of AI-supported solutions